Droplet Microfluidics

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Droplet microfluidics is not rocket science! We can provide you with easy to use devices to set up your experiment. We also help you to find the right protocols for your application.

Interested in droplets for applications below or something new?

Single Cell Analysis

Hydrogel Bead Synthesis

Double Emulsion

Nucleic Acid Sequencing

Microorganism Encapsulation

Protein Crystallization

High Monodispersity

Our droplet generators have polydispersity of less than 1% when used in nominal conditions.

Wide Range of Droplet Size

The device design can be tuned to produce droplets with diameters between 10μm to 300μm.

Reusable Droplet Generators

The material and design of our droplet generators are optimized to allow multiple usages.

Easy to Use

In/out tubing can be connected directly to the droplet generator device without using fittings or connections.

Versatile Droplet Material

Our droplet generators range from single droplet systems of w/o or o/w to double emulsion droplets of w/o/w or o/w/o.

Multi Droplet Generators per Device

We can fit multiple droplet generators per device to reduce cost.

Prototyping and Fabrication Services

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